Home brewers can be a proud lot. Those who engage in competitive home brewing take this pride to a whole new level, earning praise, medals, swag, and – sometimes most importantly – validation that will hopefully impress their very understanding ‘significant others’. The only thing that can be better than winning some awards in one competition is winning awards in other competitions, too.

Brewer of the Year is a site that seeks to accomplish several things. Competitive home brewers need to know when competitions are occurring and where to find the pertinent information. We make sure to list all of our sanctioned competitions and provide brewers with access to the information necessary to compete. We track the results of these competitions, tallying the results and watching the score totals increase for brewers throughout competition seasons. We also give the due credit to the respective homebrew clubs as stated by the brewers who compete. Lastly, we seek to reward those lucky – uh, I mean skilled – home brewers who reach the upper echelons of the competitive brewing world.

This site isn’t the result of one or two guys throwing something together. We have been in consultation with many individuals across Canada – home brew clubs, competition directors, competitive home brewers, and the like. We have received input and feedback, as we seek to create an efficient, fair, and valid system, complete with checks and balances to ensure full disclosure of results, prevent errors of any nature, and create a system that works for all parties involved.

Total Points Tracked

2010 - 710 Points
2011 - 861 Points
2012 - 831 Points
2013 - 1241 Points