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only one!


Homebrew competitions are a great way to celebrate the accomplishments of brewing enthusiasts. They provide brewers with valuable feed back on stylistic and technical proficiency, as well as some friendly competition.

Club Support

Entering homebrew competitions provides income for the host homebrew clubs, allowing them to run their competitions and provide services for their members throughout the year. The more entries that a club receives, the better they can help provide for their members.


Advance notice of each season’s competitions is vital for homebrewers – brewing takes time and preparation! We work with homebrew clubs to get the word out as soon as possible, allowing more brewers to submit more entries.

100% Canadian

We track only Canadian homebrew competitions that are open to brewers across the country. Canadians produce great homebrew, and we’re proud of it!


We’re more than just results; we provide interested home brewers with information about competing, homebrew clubs, the Beer Judge Certification Program, and links to relevant and related subject matter.


Following each competition, we post notifications, reminding homebrewers that results are up. We also pass on information from organizers on how things went with each competition, as there are often quirky points of interest.


Competitive home brewers are eager to see how their results are stacking up against their friends and archenemies…we strive to get results added to our current standings ASAP, once the winners are announced in each competition.


Who doesn’t love to get excited about something they love? Prior to competitions, we report exciting news and changes to upcoming competitions, as we receive it from Competition Directors.