Hey, we’re getting around to posting the info coming out of the Mountain View competition, which was earlier this year.  Jordan Ramey of Old College had the following to say about their competition:

“Better late than never! I’ve been putting off this post due to a flurry of activity at the school (ordering new fermentors, graduation for students, finals and grades, the whole gamut!).

The 2nd Annual Mountain View Homebrew Open was another great success in year 2! Results are posted over on the student run SAAZ Club website. There were 266 entries judged over 3 days along with 93 registered participants, judges, and stewards. Students from the 2nd year Olds College Brewmaster program paired with guest BJCP judges from around Alberta and beyond to separate the good beers from the truly exceptional. With the advent of the new BJCP style guidelines, this competition saw many new styles as well as the old favorites. Some categories were combined and that info is all at the bottom of the results page.

Our Best of Show plaque is on its way to the engraver to add Jeremy Cowan’s name as the 2016 champion. This plaque resides in our brewery retail space in Olds, AB, so feel free to drop by and ogle the past winners and plan for your future inclusion via your epic entries sent in to our future competitions.

A big thanks to everyone that made the trek all the way out to Olds College to help judge, steward, and organize!

Thanks to all our sponsors as well as all the breweries and home brew shops that supplied prizes!”