Brewer of the Year (BOTY) Competition Requirements

Brewer of the Year, as many know, is a homebrewing competition circuit in Canada designed to promote homebrewing and recognize the achievements of competitively successful homebrewers across the nation. As with anything in this world, BOTY is evolving with the hope that it will continue to grow and develop over time. As such, after seeking feedback and having discussion with a number of parties who have familiarity with the BOTY circuit and its competitions, some changes to the circuit began in 2016. These changes were intended to (1) help enhance the fairness and feasibility of competition, (2) encourage a high degree of quality with respect to competition organization, and (3) ensure good information is provided to homebrewer entrants, competition organizers, and the Brewer of the Year website.

The number of competitions for BOTY is capped at a maximum of 12. This does not necessarily mean that 12 competitions will be included in the BOTY circuit in a given year, but no more than 12 will be included.

Standings tracking will include:

  • Homebrew Club of the Year
  • Brewer of the Year
  • Best of Show Competitor of the Year

Brewer of the Year tracking will also show the specific totals of each type of place (Gold, Silver, Bronze) each competitor receives.

While the number of competitions included in the circuit is capped, it is still hoped that BOTY will demonstrate as close to a national representation as is possible. At the same time, competition circuit applications will be considered with the following criteria in mind:

  1. Applications from competition organizers must be received by January 31, 2017;
  2. Applications must include either exact competition deadlines OR closely approximate dates (enter an exact date, but please update us ASAP with the actual date), with actual dates being provided as soon as organizers have them determined;
  3. Each BOTY competition must be registered with the BJCP. Also, BOTY must be provided (at the time of application) with the name and BJCP status of the Head Judge;
  4. It is unlikely that more than one BOTY competition will be certified in the same city/immediate area.
  5. Feedback received regarding quality/efficiency of the competition in the past will be considered in making a decision about whether a competition will be included in the BOTY circuit.

In order to be considered for inclusion in BOTY, organizers must agree to:

  1. provide link to the BOTY website on their club/competition website(s);
  2. provide timely emailed notification of results (either attach list of winners or a direct link to website where winners can be found);
  3. provide post-competition write-up for posting on BOTY News site (nothing too crazy here…see examples from past competitions on BOTY site);
  4. Use of competition information for promotion on social media (twitter, facebook, instagram etc), radio, print media and authorized partner websites.

BOTY may consider any other issues or criteria, as the need arises.

Competition organizers are welcome to apply for inclusion in the BOTY any year, even if they have not been included in previous years. Applications will be considered each season, taking into account all the above requirements. Competitions that fail to meet any of those requirements (such as timely notice of results or providing post-comp write-ups) can expect to be excluded from the circuit the following season.

Lastly, please be aware that the current BOTY circuit administration policies arose out of a sincere desire to provide the highest level of service possible (for a volunteer organization) and as the result of requests from homebrewers and competition organizers across Canada. The intent is to ensure that the competitions comprising the BOTY circuit are held to the high standards amateur brewers deserve and have come to expect from Canada’s leading homebrewing clubs.

If competition organizers have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact Jeremy. On behalf of the Canadian homebrewing community, I want to express my sincere thanks to all clubs and competition organizers for their continued dedication to this wonderful hobby of ours, as well as the passion we all have for friendly competition. I am sincerely looking forward to continuing to work with you for the upcoming season.

  • Competition Details

  • The full name of the competition as you would like it to appear on our site.
  • The hosting clubs name as you would like it to appear on our site.
  • Where the competition is being held.
  • Your main website.
  • Where can people go to register for your competition?
  • Give us your start date. If you need to change this in the future, contact us.
  • When is your final cutoff for entries to be delivered?
  • See for details.
  • Organizer Information

  • Head Judge Information

  • Acceptance

    By applying for the next season of BOTY, the Competition Organizer agrees to the following:
  • You are required to agree to ALL of the below terms.