How It Works

The results contained here are from registered, BJCP-sanctioned competitions from across the country. Competition organizers provide us with the names and homebrew clubs (if any affiliation is noted) of the winning entrants from each of the BJCP categories judged. Our request to organizers is to provide us with their competition’s results within one week of the competition closing, and we will do our best to update as soon as possible after receiving the results.

1st Place

3 Points

2nd Place

2 Points

3rd Place

1 Point

Honourable Mention


Please note that, in the case that a winning entry lists co-brewers, the above points are split evenly between them for that winning entry (i.e. for two co-brewers, it is 1.5 for first, 1 for second, .5 for third, and .25 for HM.  These points are divided by three, in the case of three co-brewers, etc.).

While our results entry system is fairly fool-proof, it is possible that, on occasion, we are more foolish than the software can accept! Our intention is to provide absolutely accurate recognition of winning entries. If you note an error of any kind in the results, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately to make the necessary corrections. Make sure to provide the entrant’s name, homebrew club (if applicable), the competition for which an error was made, and the nature of the error. We promise that we don’t bite.

Lastly, with regards to the final rankings, please note that ties are acknowledged by listing the brewers with the same amount of points in alphabetical order, but with the same rank number.  Also, our site seems to not like to display the decimal points under individual brewers; if a brewer is ranked higher than another one while seeming to have the same number of points, it is because the higher-ranked brewer has partial points (i.e. .5 or .33) more than the brewer ranked lower.  Thanks for your understanding!